The Dublin School
The Dublin School
A summer school in St. Andrews College
for teenagers, adults and groups


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We offer a variety of courses to cater for every age group. We cater for both groups and individuals, and welcome students from all over the world.

Languages taught at the school include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.


English Courses

Junior courses

Junior English camp (8 to 15)

For junior students we arrange special classes with teachers who are experienced with younger learners. The make the classes fun and interesting for kids. We run a special programme of activities to make sure that younger learners are looked after throughout their time in Dublin.
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Teenager courses

Teenager courses (from 16 to 17)

We have many teenagers who join us every summer. They come from all over the world to take part in our programmes which we design to be fun and educational. Students will mix with many different nationalities learning about different countries and cultures and making new friends.
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Adult courses

Adult courses (from 18 years old)

We are a summer school but that does not mean we don’t have room for older students! If you are a parent travelling with a child or simply an adult who wants to combine a trip to Ireland with an opportunity to improve your English we have a course for you! Adult students are taught in separate classes and take part in a separate social programme (supplement payable).
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German Courses



French Courses


Spanish Courses

Every year thousands of students from other countries come to Ireland to study English. Have you ever wondered why most of our kids can’t speak foreign languages to the same level of fluency as our young visitors? Have you ever asked yourself could my child speak through French or German with the same level of confidence as the young visitors that you see here every summer?

Our classes, regardless of which language is being taught, are run on the same principle – we want to get people talking! All classes are run by native speakers and the goal is to improve fluency by getting your children to interact through another language as much as possible.

Your child will attend language classes in the morning and take part in our social and activity programme in the afternoon where they will meet, mix and make friends with other students from all over the world!

Our classes are not boring and dry exercises in grammar and vocabulary! Using the same techniques that we have perfected with our English language students over decades, we will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere where your child will learn, improve their language fluency and make new friends!